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Video is powerful, easy-to-digest, attention grabbing and emotion building medium. The value of well told stories is astounding.

Online events
and webcast services

Powerful communication is about sharing experiences

Video is the world’s fastest growing medium

High quality video solutions enable richer interaction and bigger audiences. From press conferences to employee training and investor relations. Video makes sense.

Do you reach your

72% of Finnish internet users watch videos with their smartphones. We make sure that your webcast shows on all screens and chat and message boards are accessible for the whole audience, regardless of the device.

Video reaches the decision makers

59% of top executives prefer video to text, according to Forbes. Increasingly high quality technical solutions are the key to success - for all audiences.

Our offering

Turn-key webcast and webinar production services

Tailored livestream-solutions for demanding needs

Technical solutions for effective video management

We offer turn-key webcast production services with over 10 years of experience of live streaming and on-demand video. In collaboration with Hotel Kämp we also provide excellent venues for different needs. Get in touch to discuss in more detail!

We design and deliver custom live streaming and more demanding technical solutions for big events and advanced needs. We serve customers around Europe and in Russia.

We also offer high quality tools for video content management and technical optimisation. Our solution fits perfectly for both internal and external communications use, and handles smoothly wider distribution to third party services such as YouTube.

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Online video
and digital marketing

Are you competing for viewers or building a dedicated audience?

It takes time…

Achieving great results takes time
and perseverence. Communication is all about trust, and that takes time to build. The results are worth the effort - increased engagement and spreadability mean wider visibility and increased brand preference.

and commitment…

Commitment is not just about the time you put in, it’s also about sticking to the right things. Help your audience solve their problems and they will help you. Engagement comes through consistent content production.

to build an engaged audience.

An engaged audience is worth more than the likes on your Facebook-page, or the views of an individual video. They are people who are willing to speak well of you and to recommend you, your products and services to others.

Video production for content marketing

How our services will help you get results.

More often than not the biggest obstacle on the road to success is failing to plan - the message wasn't targeted correctly or distribution was forgotten. Maybe data doesn't turn into insights or insights into actions? We help to make sure all the steps are included.

Case example:
Young and Creative

Costs can easily become a limiting factor: they simply get higher with increased volume. We hand pick talent from our network and provide in-house videographers capable of content planning and editing. Aa very cost effective way to achieve volume and quality.

Case example:
Online Video Footprint

Online services change and develop quickly. We help to evaluate existing online video content, the results and the possibilities. We deliver distribution plans, content formats and channel design and management services.

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Magneetto work examples

Itella termokuljetus

TE-palvelut, Sanssikortti


Huoltovarmuuskeskus Yritystarina

Yrittäjäpäivä – Timangikooste

Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 launch

It Gets Better, TEDx Helsinki

Itella rekryfilmit

Oma yrityssuomi

WMS Cornelius

Video publishing and management solution for professional needs.

We believe video is the future of online communication and wanted to create a tool that helps our clients to reach excellence with the delivery of their online video content.

WMS Cornelius allows a smooth viewing experience across platforms and devices: PCs and Macs, iOS and Android devices and tablets. At the same time it provides an easy yet structured way to manage, publish and measure online video content. WMS Cornelius combines content production and high capacity public video streaming to secure delivery of internal content - all in one easy-to-use cloud service.

In less than three years 90% of internet traffic will be video. Make sure you have the right tools.

We create DIY video content and internal live broadcasts on a regular basis. WMS Cornelius is an easy to use tool, that enables both large audiences and a pleasing user experience.

Panu Pukkio, Fujitsu Oy

WMS Cornelius Overview

1. Let viewers enjoy your content how they like it

Use different video sources or stream your desktop.

Video and presentation materials are played synchronized, UI optimized for different devices.

WMS generates a ready webpage for viewing, or you can embed the player in a website of your choice.

2. Online video management made simple and viewer-friendly

Dynamic video archive views for optimized viewing experience on all screens.

Publish content as a new web page or embed the player into an existing page.

Chapter indexing and attachment synchronisation enable a pleasant viewing experience also for longer presentations.

3. The best tools for audience engagement

Message walls with moderation possibility, live chat and Twitter integration allow seamless communication between live and remote audiences.

Customisbale questionnaires help to collect valuable feedback.

Pre-designed modules make live polls easy to add and live result views increase audience engagament.

4. From data gathering to viewer intelligence

Viewer invite and registration is easy and helps to keep the participation high.

Complete integrated analytics and reports offer insights based on multiple variables, such as organisation or location.

5. Advanced content protection

Password authentication makes it easy to control access and invite individual viewers.

Referer URL and token-based protection enable protected sharing outside the corporate intranet.

Video sharing in the company intranet is flexible with IP authentication.

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